Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yet Another Blog

This is my second blog site but I am not sure exactly what it wants to be. I may have gone about this backwards as my first blog was a stand-alone site with Blue Host using Wordpress. I had been very happy with that format and been posting for a few months. I decided to start another blog just to spread myself out a bit and also to get a full time link back to my other blog. Maybe this will get me some exposure as I do not have much right now. I am not too worried about that, however, as my main goal right now is to just write and see what happens.

That other blog was all over the place . . . talking about making money online, architecture, genealogy, family life and other things. As it is new, it is in a constant state of change; really an experimentation at this point. I think it will settle down as some point and become more focused. My goal for this site is to be focused from the start so I am thinking about blogging about either Genealogy (my family research) or Architecture (my impoverished profession). Both of these topics have had pages on my other blog. In addition to the pages I also have a few posts on those topics and some links. I may continue to post there as well as here. I have more information about my family history and genealogy so I am leaning in that general direction . . . but I could change my mind, you never know.

If you look at both of my sites you will notice that I have chosen a very different look for this one. I really want them to contrast and have a completely different feel. Also, I do have ads on my other site and hope that someday that may generate a little income. This site will not have any of that (at least in the beginning) which is another thing that will set them apart.

Post Script (2017): I have abandoned some of my early blog sites - these were always evolving experiments but I found it hard to consistently keep up with them. I would lose interest and often found it hard to stay focused. Even with this site - which has become very focused, I can have trouble keeping motivated.